With the help of many dog training programs on the TV, training and understanding of your dog has now become easier to undrstand, though it is advised you seek the advice of a professional behaviourist when dealing with any problems you may have with your dog. The reason for this is not that they wish to get money from you, it's because when you train your dog..... Timing is everything.


You can so easily train your dog to do the things that you dont want them to do, by just being compasionate to them at the wrong time.


















































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Moving house with a dog - handy tips and hints!


Dogs seem to be very aware of their owners' emotions and what is going on around them, so it's no wonder that dogs get anxious in the middle of a house move. Unfortunately, this can often make the owner more anxious too.

But moving house with your dog doesn't have to constantly raise your stress levels. In fact, there are steps you can take to minimise the chance of things going wrong and also ensure your canine pal remains happy and healthy throughout the move.

Keep your dog happy and health

with this guide


Before you move, you should:

  • Try to keep the dog's routine as normal as possible in the run up to the house move. 
  • Get your dog microchipped and registered with a reunification scheme, such as Petlog (the largest) or the National Pet Register. This provides a host of benefits to pet owners - some services can alert vets and wardens in the local area if a dog goes missing. Make sure you keep your details up to date or the system may become ineffective!
  • Take a few photos of your dog from several angles. This will not only allow you to accurately describe your pet should they go missing, but also gives you materials to put on rescue and lost pet posters.
  • Contact a new vet in your local area. Whilst you may not need their services for a while, if your dog has trouble in the early weeks it will be invaluable.
  • Scope out new walking routes in your new local area so you can get your dog into a good routine as early as possible.
  • If your dog is a nervous traveller, make 'dress rehearsal' drives to get them used to the car or alternatively speak to your vet regarding travel sedatives.



On the day of the move:


  • Keep your dog in one room of the house with food, water and toys. Visit regularly to give affection.
  • If your dog suffers from travel sickness withhold food for 12 hours prior to the move.
  • Once everything has been packed, take your dog out into the car - ensure you have installed a dog guard.
  • Bring plenty of fresh water if you're going on a long journey, and don't forget that dogs get very restless. Stop every so often to allow your dog to stretch its legs.
  • Make sure the car is well ventilated - remember, dogs die in hot cars.
  • Get a new toy to give your dog as soon as you arrive, as this will take their mind off the move.
  • Identify escape routes in the garden and block off when you arrive.
  • Leave your dog in one room of the house until the removals men have left (let your removals company know you have a dog when you get a removals quote - that way they can brief their staff in advance).



After the move:


  • Spend as much time as possible with your canine companion.
  • Go for as many walks as possible to acclimatise them to the local area.
  • Get a new collar for your dog as soon as possible, with up-to-date contact numbers.
  • Introduce your dog to as many people as possible, such as friends and regular callers.
  • Train your dog immediately on which areas of the house are off-limits - you don't want them to become naughty!


Best of luck moving with your canine companion! :-)





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