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The most loving of dog owners are sadly misunderstanding their dogs needs, a dog needs someone to take charge and  make them feel safe or they will feel the need to do it for themselves.....

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We are hoping to have this up and running soon......

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In this section we are able to give advice about the health of your dog and also cover your health too....

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Wildlives rescues, treats rehabilitates and releases back into the wild, everything from Blue tits to Barn Owls, Hedgehogs to Foxes. Different enclosures, covering 6 acres of land, provide as natural an environment as possible for our patients.  We are a member of the 'European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association.'






Would You Know My Name If I Saw You In Heaven


Wonderful words written for a lost child and made into a song to help others understand that they are not the only ones that have been through it. Some people believe that our dogs will go to heaven, others believe that they stay in a limbo state until they are born again. What ever your belief is this site is to remember the love and affection they gave to us whilst they were here with us.


Please email us with a picture of your dog or dogs and an account of how much love they brought you, in the time they were with you and we will post it on here for all to share.


and please mark your email as...Heaven Sent




Heaven Sent


Sometimes when we lose something so gentle and precious. That brought us so much love, pleasure and memories to treasure. The reasons for why this has happened to us, could be found in your heart as we grieve for the loss. To believe the innocence would be needed to help others elsewhere, to bring love and a sense of being needed, as well as a reason to care for another to share. May help understand what can be thought of a fair, amongst all the feelings of grief that we all bear.

Bill Gibson 2010


He show us so much love and indeed showed me the way

Connors Legacy was inspired by and in memory of a truly wonderful dog, who gave so much love and happiness to so many. His mum was a Collie/Lab cross and fell pregnant with Connor when a Bull Terrier broke through our wooden front gate, head first, to get to her. Maybe this was fate (if you believe in that), because who knows if this company would of ever been formed without Connors inspiration. He was the first born in a litter of eight pups and grew to be a well balanced happy dog, that would bring so much happiness to everyone that knew him. Sensing if you were happy, sad or any mood really, he would bring out or nurture a happier mood in you.

Sometimes by coming upto you to give you affection when you were lonely or sad, or walking up to you with his ball if you were bored or moody, so you could take your frustrations out on how far or hard you could throw the ball. He always brought it back for you to do it again and as always, your mind would be on the fact that your arm was breaking, than what ever mood you were in before you started and he would never give up. His mind was so set on retrieving the ball that he would do stupid things that would make you laugh, like getting his head stuck in the back of a chair whilst chasing the ball. He could even inspire happiness by only looking at you in a way only he could,




A Beautiful girl that gave 10years of her life to a lonely boy


This is a letter I had to write for a project I was working on to do with working out problems that you cant change or deal with...

Please be aware that this was quite hard for me to write, so it may be quite hard for some of you to read...

Dear Grumpy
I'm angry that.... I had to leave you with my mum and dad to get on with my life, after you gave me so many wonderful years while I grew up. I hate it that... you were always there for me when I was in need of a friend and when you needed me, I wasn't there. I resent... the fact that I loved you laying in the garden waiting for me to come home, as this is what lead to your painful demise, when you continued to lay there waiting for me to come home after I had left. I cant stand... the fact that when I came round to see you and found the state you were in, that I took my mum and dads word that you only had worms. They turned out to be maggots & I cant imagine the pain you were in. It hurts me...that I wasn't there when you left this world & I'm upset that... I never got the chance to say goodbye. I feel disappointed that..it took my mum and dad two weeks to tell me you had gone.

My biggest fear's ... are that you felt you had done something wrong or that I abandoned you and that still hurts me even today as I write this. 
I was afraid... to come and see you after you got sick.
I regret...to admit that it really upset me and I couldn't deal with the idea you were ill. It would have been better if I had.. Because I may have been able to stop your pain, the fears I have now about what you thought and I would have been able to have more time with you. I have learned that.. it's not fair to blame my parents for me not being able to deal with what was happening. I realise that.. leaving you with people that by that time couldn't even look after themselves was a big mistake on my part, but the idea was to leave you somewhere you were happy. I now realise that it was me that made you happy.

I want you to.. know that I'm so very sorry for everything that you went through or didn't understand and that you never did anything wrong. Also I want .. to say I've never stopped loving you for always being there for me. All I ever wanted..was to make you as happy as you made me. I understand that.. my naivety cost us both more that it should & I forgive myself .. due to that fact. You need to know I forgive you for .. getting ill.
I appreciate.. all the love you have shown me and you being there for me when no one else was, helped me not to hate. I love you because.. you gave 10years of your life to be there for a young boy and without you who knows where this lonely boy would of ended up..

Thank you for .. loving me & being my best friend baby

In Loving Memory Of A Love Only Man's Best Friend Can Give
Grumpy I Miss You xxx 
By Bill Gibson

You can use this on any subject, by taking the few words before the .... and put them in any order to help you deal with the problem, though it is not advised for you to show the letter to someone it may concern.... lol


Dont Blame The Breeds, Blame The Act.

The Dangerous Dogs Act

And RIP to all the other 'Pit Bull Types' and the other so called dangerous dogs that this Dangerous Dogs Act caused the unecessary deaths of.

Domestic Dogs have been bred through the years to please humans. A dog would need to be trained that it was ok to bite another dog or human. Any other time, the domestic dog would bite through fear and would usually give a warning before doing so, like a growl or bark. Police and Security dogs need to be trained to act the way they do.

If you find your home quiet at times or you maybe thinking of getting a dog, but you are not sure if a dog is right for your home. You may not wish to have the responsibility of owning a dog fulltime. Please consider offering a rescue dog a home until a fulltime loving home can be found, your generosity could help make the transition into a forever loving home, so much easier.

Could you foster a dog until a full time loving home becomes available. Click Here...


To Find Dog Rescue Centres Near You Click Here

 Can you give one of the many thousands of dogs in rescue home a full time loving home and help reduce the need for as many rescue centres


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To Find Dog Rescue Centres Near You Click Here

  Can you give one of the many thousands of dogs in rescue home a full time loving home and help reduce the need for as many rescue centres



Please contact us if you would like to come along to one of our Free Socialisation Walks in Colchester or surrounding areas. They last about 2hrs, although you are free to come and go as you wish. Terms Apply.


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