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Breeders vs. Rescues

So where does the problem really lie? One would think its 100% the fault of breeders and those whoops litters. But no, that is not the route of the problem, not by a long shot. Breeders are the effect of the problem, and the massive pet overpopulation is the aftermath. Yes, breeders, as a whole, are breeding more litters than there are homes for, yet, they are selling them. So why is that, why are breeders selling their litters when there's a worldwide pet overpopulation problem? Because people do not look at the purchase of a puppy or kitten as a life long commitment. Puppies and kittens are so cute, most are purchased on impulse. Who could, after all, resist that cute little face.....MORE.....




























If your looking for something new and fresh to read then try something from Debbie Lewis














Wildlives rescues, treats rehabilitates and releases back into the wild, everything from Blue tits to Barn Owls, Hedgehogs to Foxes. Different enclosures, covering 6 acres of land, provide as natural an environment as possible for our patients.  We are a member of the 'European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association.'






My Dogs Live Here


My dogs live here, they’re here to stay.
you don’t like pets, be on your way.
they share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place.

You will find dog hair on the floor,
they will alert you’re at the door.
they may request a little pat,
a simple “no” will settle that.

It gripes me when I hear you say
“just how is it you live this way?
they smell, they shed, they’re in the way..”
WHO ASKED YOU? is all I can say..

They love me more than anyone,
my voice is like the rising sun,
they merely have to hear me say
“C’mon girls, time to go and play”

then tails wag and faces grin,
they bounce and hop and make a din.
They never say “no time for you”,
they’re always there, to GO and DO.

and if I’m sad? They’re by my side
and if I’m mad? they circle wide
and if I laugh, they laugh with me
they understand, they always see.

so once again, I say to you
come visit me, but know this too..
My dogs live here, they’re here to stay.
you don’t like pets, be on your way.
they share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place..



A poem found on facebook






A poem by Christine Smylie on the 8th of August 2011


A ROCKY ROAD (an ode to Bill and Ben)


No words or card can fully express -

My huge debt of gratefulness.

I had not owned him very long -

My rescue dog, so BIG, so STRONG!

I did not know him well enough -

With dogs would he be nice or rough?


Would he get bitten? Or would HE bite?

Would he start a deadly fight?

It wasn't hard to guess – to KNOW....

That I was scared to let him go!


Of this big dog I was already fond -

Then the training day helped us bond.

But the biggest step was the walk on the beach

With twenty dogs within his reach!


My stress levels were high as a kite!

I felt sure there would be a fight!

But off he ran – soon one of the pack;

Chasing about – even coming back!


Running in the water, rolling in the sand -

Watching Rocky play, made my heart expand!

My stress flowed out with the tide -

Replaced instead with a glow of pride!


I'd still not known him very long,

My rescue dog, so BIG, so STRONG,

But through two guys named Bill and Ben,

Dog-loving and charismatic men -

I've learned a lesson that is a must -

I have learned – how to TRUST.

                                               Christine Smylie




Where were we when we were wild with wonder?

Running, riding, hiding, shouting over yonder.

The days went so fast and the years have even faster.

Until today, looking back and again filled with wonder.


Who holds the key to what life has to offer?

Some believe we decide before each life we enter.

If we turned a different corner would our life change forever

or would we return to what fate holds for this lifes encounter?


Did we really wish for our life to be full of embitterment?

This lifes tragedy at times can fill you with resentment.

Which helps no one in the scale of wonderment, 

as we have no time to wonder whilst compassion is absent .


So try as you may , in this life of harsh opinions .

To find a happiness you can trust or one that simply cushions.

Without knowing this sadness you feel is the resulf of years of depressions.

Or that life is what you make it and you need to learn from each of lifes lessons.


If you try you best to put blame on others for your mistakes.

You will soon find that there will be noone left to share your birthday cakes.

Try your best to learn to forgive and forget for everyones sakes.

And stay in a happy place what ever this world throws, steals, borrows or takes.


Bill Gibson 2010


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Dont Blame The Breeds, Blame The Act.

The Dangerous Dogs Act


And RIP to all the other 'Pit Bull Types' and the other so called dangerous dogs that this Dangerous Dogs Act caused the unecessary deaths of.


Domestic Dogs have been bred through the years to please humans. A dog would need to be trained that it was ok to bite another dog or human. Any other time, the domestic dog would bite through fear and would usually give a warning before doing so, like a growl or bark. Police and Security dogs need to be trained to act the way they do.




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