Do You Need A Dog Trainer?    By Understanding Your Dog, You Will Then Be Able To Get Your Dog To Understand Your Needs!

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My name is Bill Gibson and although many would class me as a dog trainer, behaviourist or psychologist, I believe I train the owners more than the dogs. Offering a total understanding of your dogs language, how your dog thinks, why your dog acts as it does and how to correct any issues you feel you have with your dog which helps to prevent further problems in the future. Dogs have been a passion of mine for as far back as I dare to remember, they are truly amazing animals. I took the time to understand dogs.


It's very rare that the problem is the dog. The problem is usually a communication issue between owner and dog, I help to build those bridges with understanding.


I will come to your home to talk with you about what you believe to be the problem with your dog, as most issues will begin in the home and then I will help you to understand the way your dog thinks. With understanding the way your dog thinks you can then understand why they act the way they do.  The retraining program will need to be undertaken by the whole family, if not then this will just make everything harder for your dog to understand and longer for your dog to re-balance itself, as there would be no consistency.


We offer a total understanding of your dog, but if you are only interested in a particular training method, we offer that too.


Training Programs/Services Offered:

Dog Psychology And Total Understanding.

Aggressive Dog Problems, 

Food Aggression,            

Dog Training,

Clicker Training,

Lead Training,

Gentle Dog Training Methods,

Dog Behavioural Issues,

Guard Dog Training, 

Puppy Training, House Training,

Pet Dog Obedience Training, 

Barking Problems,

Fearful Dog Issues,

Dog Rescue,

One to One Service,

Home Visits,

Socalisation Walks,

Dog Whisperer Services. 





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The reasons most would shy away from considering a rescue dogs for rehoming, is very rarely the reasons they are in rescue in the first place. Connors Legacy is a patron to a rescue in Latchingdon, Essex called AA Dog Rescue. We  also help many other rescues  all over the world and have helped many misunderstood dogs, helped the staff retrain and understand dogs slightly better so they are able to rebalance quicker and find their forever loving homes.


Please consider fostering a rescue dog

If you find your home quiet at times or you maybe thinking of getting a dog, but you are not sure if a dog is right for your home. You may not wish to have the responsibility of owning a dog fulltime. Please consider offering a rescue dog a home until a fulltime loving home can be found, your generosity could help make the transition into a forever loving home, so much easier.


Could you foster a dog until a full time loving home becomes available. Click Here...






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Please ask bill payers permission.

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Based In North Essex, A Local Dog Psychologist, Behaviourist, Therapist And Trainer That Will Offer You A Full  Understanding Of Your Dog

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Connors Legacy is committed to helping dog owners to understand their dogs, in the hope of reducing the Tens Of Thousands of dogs in Rescue Homes today. Dogs do need a lot of love, but they also need guidance and direction to help them believe that you have the ability to protect and help them feel safe. Otherwise they will lose faith that you can do this and start to do it themselves, this is where the problems start.....For your dog to love you it needs to respect you, if your dog feels that you can not protect it, then they will not respect you and it will train you in what it needs. This leads to stress for both dog and owner and may even result in injuries to others.




You are not helping your dog by making excuses for why they do what they do. Some of the pictures below show the outcome of the stress that is put on some of the most loved dogs, just because they are allowed to do as they wish and/or spoiled by a loving owner. From barking to biting to messing the floor, are all signs that your dog is under stress.


Please take the time to get to know your dog, understand their way of thinking and not what you think they are thinking as this would normally be wrong if you were thinking from a human point of view.


Every dog has the ability to" learn new tricks " no matter the age. You just need to understand your dog to help it to understand you.




Some Dog Trainers alone can charge you over 250 per hour for their services, I believe this to be a reason some dogs and owners never receive the help they need. We offer you the best help to stop any training, fear, aggression or behavioural problems and help to stop any issues from re-occurring, by offering a total understanding.

We have yet to find a dog that we can't help.


We also offer the first consultation Free(t) where we will assess your dog and depending on the severity of the issues will depend on our price. A lot of our clients prefer to take on the full days training, although some may believe it to be expensive to begin with, they do find the help invaluable and the value unbeatable. Please take a look at what they think about the help they have received from Connors Legacy in our Testimonials

Please dont let the thought of it costing a fortune be the reason your dog doesn't receive the help it needs or the help you need, take the free consultation at least, you may be surprised.


Please remember that to have a GUARD DOG, there is no need to make it aggressive. Your dog can be trained through play and still react the same way, only in a more controlled and fun manner, that would be safer for your family and friends. 




To promote the Colchester Councils Responsible Dog Ownership Campaign, please ask about our promotional offers. The offers usually include lead training, clicker training, understanding your dog and their language. only available dates offered. For more information, please contact Bill direct on 07989473131,  or via our Facebook page...Connors Legacy Dog-Behaviourist. 
Please quote this offer upon booking. Terms Apply

BARK IN THE PARK was shown to be a wonderful success that had almost three thousand people attending and over 1000 dogs. This was the first ever Bark In The Park event run by Colchester's own Animal Control Team and has shown with the success that it could be an annual event. if you were in attendance on the day and enjoyed or disliked some or all, please have your say by sending your thoughts to Colchester Borough Council as this could help make it an annual event.


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To Find Dog Rescue Centres Near You Click Here

  Can you give one of the many thousands of dogs in rescue home a full time loving home and help reduce the need for as many rescue centres


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